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U2 Quotes by Larry

This page contains an assortment of quotes by Larry Mullen of U2. Click here to jump to quotes from Adam, Bono, Edge, or miscellaneous others.

"There were no jobs to get. It was like we were all going nowhere, so we decided to go nowhere together and form a band."
Larry on the beginnings of U2, 1986.

"Then Bono arrived, and he meant to play the guitar, but he couldn't play very well, so he started to sing. He couldn't do that either. But he was such a charismatic character that he was in the band anyway, as soon as he arrived. I was in charge for the first five minutes, but as soon as Bono got there, I was out of a job."
Larry describes Bono's persona, April 1987.

"It's an amazing place, with its own character. You can get immaculate drum sound in the hallway, which is solid stone walls with a really high ceiling. I set my kit out there, and they put mics all the way down from the very, very top of the stairwell. I've recorded many songs out there."
Larry describes the acoustics of Windmill Lane Studios

"They're coming to a rock and roll concert and watching television. That says it all."
Larry on the ZooTV experience, 1992.

"We're doing the same thing, it's just the wrapping is different."
Larry on the trappings of the Popmart tour in 1997.

"It's a tough life being a pop star. You know, at the end of the day when you've paid all the bills and put the kids through college and that, you know, there's only enough left for a small island off the South Pacific."
Larry pleads poverty, 1997.

"There's a thin line between interesting music and self-indulgence. We crossed it on the Passengers record."
Larry on his well known dislike of Passengers

"And if I had to spend 20 years in the band just to play that show, and have done that, I think it would have been worthwhile."
Larry highlights the Sarajevo Popmart show as the best ever U2 concert

"I joined a band to hit things."
Larry's reason for being in U2

"I saved up my cash from mowing lawns to buy my first drum kit: Edge attempted to build guitars and Adam already had a bass. But Bono was slightly in dire straits and we wanted him to play guitar, although he insisted on singing. Now we know why - because he didn't have to buy or move any equipment."
Recalling U2's humble beginnings, 1995

"My drumming career has always been based on a complete lack of expertise."
Modest as ever, 1995

"The idea that our long-time U2 fans and scalpers competed for U2 tickets through our own web site is appalling to me. I want to apologise to you who have suffered that. If your U2.com pre-sale experience has left you disappointed, I hope this will go some way towards reassuring you of our total commitment to our audience."
Apology after the Vertigo tour ticket fiasco

"Most bands, when they go to stadiums, they're out of their depth. Here's U2 in a club, completely out of our depth. We're at the mercy of 500 peple"
The perils of playing promo gigs to promote All That You Can't Leave Behind, 2000

"I'm the drummer so I'm at the back, I've got this kit of drums surrounding me so I'm protected - but for him, there is a certain amount of fear with standing in front of an audience and not having anything else. That's kind of scary."
Larry understands why Bono likes elaborate stage sets

"We make music for ourselves first. When people enjoy our music, that's the bonus, but we're very selfish about it."
Larry looks out for number one

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"My love is restless as the wind, she moves like a shadow across my skin. She left with my conscience and I don't want it back...It just gets in the way" - Slow Dancing

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