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U2 Quotes by The Edge

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"I suppose ultimately I'm interested in music. I'm a musician. I'm not a gunslinger. That's the difference between what I do and what a lot of guitar heroes do."
Edge on his own inimitable laid back style.

"We decided on instinct almost, that it was the right image for the record, but the intellectual reasons I haven't quite sorted out in my own mind. It has a spiritual aspect which this record has, and also a great deal of mystery which I like. It's appropriate on many levels."
Edge describing the desert imagery used on The Joshua Tree 1987

"Passengers was a result of that collaboration [with brian Eno] - a soundtrack album without a movie."
Edge sums up the essence of the 'Passengers' venture.

"I think the songs on this new record are probably the strongest songs we've ever had, so in that sense I'm very excited about the album."
Edge enthuses about All That You Can't Leave Behind, 2000.

"Advertising and art are getting all mixed up. I think some of the most exciting pieces of TV are the commercials."
Edge on ZooTV's inspiration, 1992

"Every album is difficult. If it was easy, we'd make one a month."
The problems of making an album, 2000.

"What ever you do, do not get into a car with Bono. He's not great at the old driving."
Edge on the dangers of a ride with Bono, 2001

"We would have broken up years ago if there'd been any pansies in the band."
Edge, 2002

"He started playing when he was 14 — once Edge got the guitar in his hands, he wouldn’t put the blooming thing down. And we’d be saying, ‘Would you shush now a minute, we just want to hear the news.’"
Gwenda Evans on Edge's early dedication to the guitar

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"They said be careful where you aim because where you aim you just might hit. You can hold onto something so tight you've already lost it" - Dirty Day

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