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This is the 10th U2 quiz I have put up on this site - why not have a go and see how your U2 knowledge measures up? Submit your answers and your score will be displayed immediately, together with the correct answers. Thanks for taking part.

1. In which city was Achtung Baby recorded?
London   Dublin   Paris   Berlin   Munich
2. What is the name of Bono's brother?
Norman   Arthur   Michael   Stephen   Neil
3. In which US State is Redrocks, venue for the Under a Blood Red Sky video?
New York   Arizona   California   Utah   Colorado
4. What was the name of the record company founded by U2 in 1984?
Ireland Records   Mother Records   PLEBA Records   Hewson Records   Blood Red Records
5. In which city did Adam miss a concert - the only time any of the band has done so?
Sydney   Auckland   Brisbane   Wellington   Canberra
6. Who lost a demo CD of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb?
Paul McGuinness   Larry   Bono   Adam   Edge
7. In which year did Bono receive his knighthood?
2004   2005   2006   2007   2008
8. Which famous actor introduced U2 at Live Aid?
Dustin Hoffman   Paul Newman   Jack Nicholson   Jeff Goldblum   Gene Hackman
9. In which African country was some of No Line On The Horizon recorded?
Libya   Morocco   Algeria   Tunisia   Egypt
10. What is the name of the investment company co-founded by Bono?
Desire Investments   Ultraviolet Portfolios   Elevation Partners   Numb Finance   Pride Partners

Most of the answers to these questions are somewhere on this site, if you're stuck. Now simply hit the button to find out how you scored.
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"She's gonna make you cry, she's gonna make you whisper and moan. But when you're dry, she draws her water from a stone" - Lemon

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