U2: Three Chords and the Truth

U2 New York/Providence Elevation Tour photos

Here are some of my U2 pics from New York and Providence shows in October 2001. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the U2 photos below. For pics of Elevation in Boston in June 2001, click here.

Adam onstage in Madison Square Garden
Bono and Edge at the tip of the heart
Bono lies down on the job
Edge walks the heart
Edge and Bono at the tip in MSG

Bono walks the heart
Bono on the heart
Adam in Providence
U2's tribute to Sept 11th

Larry's birthday cake
Adam in the spotlight
Larry speaks!
Larry accepts a gift
Larry gets a birthday card

Bono with Stars and Stripes jacket
Random U2 lyric:

"I threw the dice when they pierced his side but I've seen love conquer the great divide" - When Love Comes to Town

My U2 ramblings:

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